The Good Finance portal enables loan and financing simulations, presenting to the interested parties the interest rates of numerous institutions.

Have you considered searching the internet for the best interest rates for loans and financing? This is already possible through the Good Finance platform, which enables countless simulations and provides guidance for the loan seeker to make the best choices. And lastly, do the loan or financing without the need to move. Online hiring is possible only in some institutions.

To explain how to use and what are the benefits


The Good Finance platform, the Consumption on Tariff program interviews Guilherme Castro Siqueira Nasser, an economist with a degree from USP and an international business degree from Tilburg College in the Netherlands. Together with friend Renan Coutinho, they founded the portal.

Good Finance is built so that the user can simply and intuitively seek the best market interest rates on loans and financing. Nasser explains that the portal captures on the Central Bank’s website the average interest rate of banks. “Interest rates for online institutions go straight to their websites.”

To make a credit simulation on the Good Finance portal the consumer fills in the fields with his name and e-mail. “But it is not mandatory. Whoever leaves this data, we send credit material, ”adds Nasser. Then define the type of loan you want – personal, payroll, real estate, vehicles or leasing – and how many installments you want to pay. “We present to those who are consulting all pages that make the desired type of loan, from the cheapest to the most expensive for the interest rate,” explains one of the portal’s partners, adding that for some institutions, even the CET (cost effective) appears. total).

Once the institution


In which you want to take the money is defined, the applicant will click on it and a booklet will appear with all the information he needs to know to take the loan. “Some banks require checking accounts. Most ask for variables such as where they live, work, children, income. All to outline the risk profile. In some institutions, after this whole process is completed, it is possible to make the loan online. ”

According to Nasser, the institutions with the best interest rates are online, as they do not have the costs of agencies and staff. “They are disruptively entering Brazil to end abusive interest rates in Brazil.” Traditional and financial banks have the highest rates. The latter are aimed at people who are already negative in the market.